Nowadays many different LED strips with different numbers are available on the market. And as LED technology goes forward, these new labels will continue to grow.
For ordinary people it can be very confusing about what the individual markings like 5630, 2835, 5050 etc. and what are the differences between them?

We begin by explaining these numbers. These numbers tell us only the size of the LED case in millimeters, that the 5630 case has a size of 5.6mm x 3.0mm and 5050m and a size of 5.0mm x 5.0mm. This dimension does not tell us so much, so it is always much more important to focus on the other parameters we always specify for LED strips - such as luminous flux and power in watts. Below you can find an overview of the most used LED strips LEDs, which you can also find in our E-shop, and their basic features, advantages and disadvantages.


LED chip 3528

- belongs among the oldest types of SMD LEDs, yet it is still very popular. It does not produce too high light output, which is a limitation on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is an advantage that LED strips fitted with these LEDs do not require strong cooling. LED strips with diodes are most commonly used for product backlighting, for advertising, such as decorative and positional lighting, and wherever high light output is unnecessary. In our offer you will find LED strips with modified version of SMD diode 3528, which have up to twice the light output compared to LED strips fitted with common diodes of this type.

LED chip 3528jpg


LED chip 5050

- With this type of SMD diodes, you are probably most likely to be present today, even though these LEDs are already out of reach and gradually replaced by new modern LEDs. LED 5050 consists of three smaller LED chips that are enclosed in one housing. This design element allows the diodes to provide a higher light output, but the disadvantage is that, for this reason, the diodes 5050 are heated excessively. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the tapes with these diodes if the cooling is not sufficient, the diodes have a significantly shorter life.

LED chip 5050jpg


LED chip 5630 (5730)

- belongs among the new modern types of LED SMD diodes. This type of diode really excels in high light output and better heat dissipation than in 5050 diodes. This is due to lower chip design, redesigned heat transfer to the PCB substrate, and in particular, only one large SMD chip is inserted into the housing. Although the new design of the diodes allows for better cooling by ambient air, it is nevertheless necessary to use quality cooling for the LED strip due to such high power diodes. Our LED Stripes are fitted with Samsung 5630 LEDs and with their performance they are able to replace classical lighting.

LED chip 56305730jpg


LED chip 3014

- is derived from chip 5630, has its quarter size. Smaller chip sizes make it possible to fit more LEDs on the LED strip to achieve more consistent and uniform lighting. Even though the diode is smaller in size, it is by this more intense fitting of LED diodes that we can achieve comparable performance to that of the full chip 5630. The LED diodes 3014 are mostly used in places where it is desirable to produce continuous illumination without visible LED points, high performance is also required.          

LED chip 3014jpg


LED chip 2835

- currently belongs to the best SMD chip for LED tapes and LED bulbs. SMD chip 2835 has a padded aluminum plate at the bottom to ensure better heat dissipation from the diode and thus better chip cooling. This results in a lower operating temperature, with a longer life span and a smaller decrease in luminous intensity over the lifetime. The new production technology has also made for better color rendering, with a minimum RA of more than 80. They have a long life, minimal luminosity drop and an excellent color rendering index of 85.          

LED chip 2835jpg