The company Kamil Kokoška ("Kamil Kokoška"), a manufacturer and retailer of machinery, lighting and other electrical components, is committed to protecting your personal information. Here is a description of how we use and share the data we collect on our sites and on our partner sites.

In general, you can visit our sites without telling us who you are or disclosing any personal information about your person. In certain situations, however, we may ask you for information about your or another person you know, such as your name, email address, or home address. Our intent is to let you know in advance that we obtain this personal information from you on the Internet and obtain your consent whenever required.


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Child Privacy Act on the Internet

The company Kamil Kokoška does not intend to collect any data from children under the age of fourteen,
unless these data are obtained from the parent or legal guardian. Although we can not prevent it
the child to gain access to this website, I do not collect
there is no personal data without
to make it clear that the person providing the data must be at least 14 years old. For possible questions about data collection on our website, please contact

What do we do with the data we collect?

The data obtained during the visit to our website or provided by us may be used for the following purposes:
-Give you with information about products, services, news and events,
-to allow you to use, purchase or take over products and services,
-Get demographics about user trends, such as age, gender, and general income,
-analyze the use of our services and products, develop new services and products and customize ours
products, services, and other information we make available.

We use a huge combination of data sources (online, orders, customers, etc.) to get a complete overview of our product and marketing efforts. This serves only our needs and we do not share your data with other business entities for their own purposes.

We may also provide personal information about you if we believe that this is required by law or is necessary to protect our property or other legitimate rights (for example, to enforce our agreements or the property rights of others).

We work with other business people to help us with our marketing, communications and sales, and we can share data about you for these purposes. These partners may not use your personal information for purposes other than business with the company Kamil Kokoška.

Information about our users, including personal data, may additionally be provided as part of the merger, acquisition, debt financing, sale of company assets or similar transactions, as well as in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy or forced administration under which personal data may be provided to third parties as part of one of our business assets.

Cookies and advertising

Our websites use "cookies" to improve their user experience. The site allows you to "remember" you, either for the duration of your visit (using "cookies" of the session) or for repeated visits (using permanent cookies). Cookies also help us learn how our websites or our marketing efforts work, but these cookies do not usually collect any personal information about you. While consent to the use of "cookies" is not a prerequisite for visiting our websites, we use "cookies", most of which are necessary for the use of this website. Cookies are small text files stored on hard disk drives of computers.
They are regularly used to analyze activity on individual websites. Collecting and remembering
of your website visit cookies allow web apps to identify and respond to your individual preferences. This allows us to determine the usefulness of the information we provide to our users and to analyze the efficiency of the navigation structure when providing this information. Ultimately, cookies help us to give you a better experience with the web site.

If you do not wish to use cookies on this website, set your browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) to alert you before downloading cookies and refuse cookies when the browser alerts you to its presence. You can also reject all cookies by turning them off in your browser. If you have set your browser to not allow the use of cookies, you will still be able to visit
website. However, this setting may have a powerful ability to fully use this website.

We also use common Internet technologies, such as internet brands (also known as Web Signals, Action Tags or GIFs) in conjunction with cookies. We use these tags through an advertising company. Brands are placed in online ads that direct users to our websites and to the various pages of the site itself. We use this technology to measure the response of visitors to our website and the impact of our advertising campaigns (including how many times the page is open and what information is displayed). This helps us measure the time that a visitor will become a customer from our website, so we can compare the information we collect on the site with actual customer data. However, this technology may not be used on the website you are currently using.

We use Google Analytics on our website. This is an activity analysis service on Google's website, Inc. Google Analytics uses a "cookie" to evaluate how these services are used and to compose a report for our company. If you do not want Google Analytics turned on, click here.

Links to other locations

Links to other locations may be used on this site solely for the purpose of simplifying navigation. The company Kamil Kokoška is not responsible for the privacy policy or for the content of these linked sites, and that the links are embedded does not mean that we approve this information or the company concerned. This means that if you connect to another site through our website, we can not control how this other party is manipulating your data.

In some cases, you may be able to share personal information with other websites, such as social media sites. We can make a practical link available to you that makes it easier for you, but we do not have control over the site or the posts or data you provide.


On our site, we can organize contests and ask visitors to provide their contact information (such as an email address). We use the contact information obtained from these competitions to send us information about our company and to regularly contact the person within the limits allowed by law. If you want to opt out of receiving future correspondence, use the link found in each e-mail message.


At this site, security measures are in place to protect against loss, misuse and alteration of the data we control.

Do not contact

Kamil Kokoška will allow you to opt out of the electronic communication of the company Kamil Kokoška and our partners. If you do not wish to receive communications from us, please write to Be sure to include the name of your country in the message. For this, you can also use the convenient logout feature that is included in email messages. Please be kind to us
give you some time to process your request.

If you log off in this way, you will not be logged out of the necessary communication, such as answering a question. The opt-out will be canceled if you later ask us for information.


Occasionally, we can update this statement. When this happens, at the beginning of the statement, we will state the date of the last update. If you continue to use any Kamil Kokoška website, this use will be governed by a statement that is valid at the time you are using the site. We encourage you to read this statement on a regular basis and to keep an overview of how we collect, use and share personal information.

Contact us

For possible questions about this Privacy Statement, Kamil Kokoška's Web-based Policy, Your Data and Rights Related to Your Data, or the Use of this Website, please contact:

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