Cree MC-E - RGBW High Power LED ( max. 700 mA )

Cree MC-E - RGBW High Power LED ( max. 700 mA )

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Cree MC-E - RGBW High Power LED

XLamp array has high Lumen output in a small form.
Compactness and the ability to apply a second optics for Carclo optic.
The possibility of combining and efficient color mixing.
Compliant with RoHS & REACH.

Technical specifications

  • Red -  Wavelength from  620nm to 630nm, minimum flux 30,6
  • Green  - Wavelength from 520nm to 535nm, minimum flux 67,2
  • Blue  - Wavelength from 450nm to 465nm, minimum flux 8,2
  • White  - Wavelength from 5700K to 7000K, minimum flux 100
Input voltage: 5V
Current: 350mA, max. up to 700mA
Light scattering: 110 °
Maximum Junction Temp.: 150°C
LED Size: 7 mm x 9 mm

The XLamp MC-E LED is a multi-chip LED light class that delivers high light output in a small package mounted on 20 mm metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB). An advantage compared to discrete LEDs is that the XLamp MC-E LED reduces the distance between LEDs and creates a small optical source with excellent optical control and effective color mixing. XLamp MC-E lamps can reduce the number of components required and the complexity of the LED system.

Cree XLamp LEDs deliver high performance and light quality to a wide range of lighting applications, including color conversion, portable and personal lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and entertainment lighting.

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