Cree XLamp XHP35 High Density LED ( max. 1050mA )


The XLamp® XHP35 LED brings the performance of Cree’s Extreme High Power LEDs to the XP footprint, setting a new standard for performance delivered by a 3.45 x 3.45 mm LED. Leveraging the breakthrough 12‑V monolithic power die built on Cree’s innovative architecture and uniquely enabled by the SC5 Technology™ Platform, the XHP35 LED allows the use of readily available cost--optimized drivers to unleash the capabilities of Cree’s high-power LEDs. Available in both high-density and high-intensity versions, the XHP35 LED is application optimized to enable new designs and radically lower system costs.

Technical specifications

Colours: Cold white - 6500K
Minimum flux ( lumens ) at  operating temperature 80°C :
  1. 525mA - 1000 lm
  2. 700mA - 1300 lm
  3. 1050mA - 1720 lm
Input voltage: 12V
Current: up to 1050mA
Light scattering: 125 °
Maximum Junction Temp.: 150°C
LED Size: 3,45mm x 3,45mm

The XHP35 in our standard two metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) versions: a single (1-Up: 1 LED) and triple (3-Up: 3 LEDs) MCPCB. The 1- Up is a single XHP35 LED reflow soldered to a 20mm hexagonal (LED Star) MCPCB. The board makes connecting power and multiple LEDs together easier by including four large solder pads for easy solder connections. The 3-Up version includes three (3) XHP35 LEDs reflow soldered in-series to a 20mm hexagonal MCPCB. The 3-Up board has two solder pads for connections, mounting holes for secondary carclo optics and a center hole for wires or securing the LED star to a heat sink. Take note that if you wish for the LEDs to be in parallel, you may request this, and we will remove the jumpers on the star so that each of the 3 LEDs is individually addressable.

The XHP35 is optimized to deliver maximum candela through secondary optics. Both versions (1-Up & 3-Up) of the XHP35  are designed to work with secondary optics from Carclo; Carclo is a leader in molded poly-carbonate lens systems. The 1-Up secondary lens system combines a plastic holder and lens that sits on top of the 1-Up MCPCB, while the 3- Up optic is a one-piece system with three legs that sit down into corresponding holes on the 3-Up MCPCB. These secondary optics focus light into narrow, medium, wide and elliptical patterns.

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