Cree Xlamp XM-L2 High Power LEDs


Cree's XLamp XM-L2 delivers breakthrough lumen output and efficacy in the XM package (5x5mm). This emitter was updated and built on the SC3 technology platform. The silicon-carbide base helps the XM-L2 deliver up to 20% more lumens and lumens-per-watt over the original XM-L.

Technical specifications

  1. Cold white - 6500K, minimum flux 430
  2. Neutral white - 4000K, minimum flux 370
  3. Warm white - 3000K, minimum flux 320
Input voltage: 5V
Current: 700mA, max. up to 3000mA
Light scattering: 125 °
Maximum Junction Temp.: 150°C
LED Size: 5 mm x 5 mm
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