Cree XLamp XP-E2 White High Power LED Star


The Cree XLamp® XP-E2 White LED is Cree's newest version of the older XLamp XP-E.  Unlike the original XP-E, the XP-E2 is built from the SC3 technology platfrom and can boast higher lumens per watt and lumens per dollar.  This XP-E2 White LED has an identical foot-print (3.45mm square) as the original XP-E, but by using silicone carbide SC3 technology Cree has increased lumen output by more than 20% and doubled the lumens per dollar over the original XP-E.  The XP-E2 White LED is designed for high-lumen lighting that can range from indoor to outdoor, to portable and lamp retrofits.

Technical specifications

  1. Cold white - 5000K, minimum flux 116
  2. Neutral white - 4000K, minimum flux 116
  3. Warm white - 3000K, minimum flux 101
Input voltage for Single LED chip: 5V
Input voltage for Triple LED chip: 9,45V
Current: 350mA, max. up to 1000mA
Light scattering: 110 °
Maximum Junction Temp.: 150°C
LED Size: 3,45 mm x 3,45 mm
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