Cree XLamp XP-L High Density LED Star


Cree XLamp XP-L High Density (HD) LEDs are the best performing diode in Cree's HD class of LEDs. This emitter brings the next generation of lumen output and efficacy in the compact XP footprint (3.45mmx3.45mm). The XP-L is optimized to deliver maximum lumen output in a small form factor. This enables lighting manufacturers to improve the performance of any XP based lighting design, create smaller and less expensive systems, as well as develop new lighting solutions that otherwise were not possible!

Technical specifications

  1. Cold white - 6500K, minimum flux 523 
  2. Neutral white - 4000K, minimum flux 478
  3. Warm white - 3000K, minimum flux 432
Input voltage for Single LED chip: 5V
Input voltage for Triple LED chip: 8,85V
Current: 1050mA, max. up to 3000mA
Light scattering: 125 °
Maximum Junction Temp.: 150°C
LED Size: 3,45 mm x 3,45 mm x 2,68 mm
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