LED strip LST3328W, 14.4W/m


The LED strip LST3328W is designed for the most demanding applications, mainly for general lighting, linear lighting as a replacement for existing fluorescent lamps, It is suitable for applications with permanent lighting. It can also be used in showcases, corridors, showcases, architecture, facade lighting, advertising and marking, etc.
Each segment of the loop band has its own current stabilizer and there is no change in lighting with voltage fluctuations and long-haired horses. The high number of LEDs / m ensures uniformity of illumination without visible points.

Technical parameters
  • Supply voltage: 24V =
  • Consumption: max. 14.4 W / m
  • Current: 0.6A / m
  • Number of LEDs: 128pcs / m
  • LST3328W - Luminous flux: 2270lm / m (6000K) Cool white
  • LST3328WN - Luminous flux: 2170lm / m (4000K) Neutral white
  • LST3328WY - Luminous flux: 2070lm / m (3000K) Warm white
  • Width: 10mm
  • LED pitch: 7,812mm
  • Divisibility: every 125mm
  • Lifetime: 35000 hours of operation (30% decrease in luminous intensity)
  • Ambient working temperature: -25 to +40. C
  • Storage temperature: -25 to + 80st. C
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