The massive profile body has cooling capabilities that allow the carrying of high-power LED strips.


Technical parameters

  • Lamp dimensions: 40 x 40 mm ( Width and Height )
  • Maximum number of meters while using LED strips in series: 5 m
  • The brightness of LED strip: from 2200 to 8100 lm / m
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Ambient temperature: -25 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • 5 year warranty.
Vision Lamp 8 *LED strip - LST3328W, 6000K, 24V
*Standard Connector M8 / 3 pole
*Transparent PMMA board
  • LED profile 8
    LED profile 8 Cut the profile to the required length
  • Drill hole for connector
  • Clean the hole after drilling
  • Using a special profile shape, place the connector on the position
  • Install the connector and latching the nut
  • The LED strip is soldered to the connector cables
  • Then put the protective sleeve to the joints and stick the strip to the specified profile area
  • Drill an M3 size thread to determine the position
  • On both sides and waste we clean
  • Cut the plexiglass according to the length of the profile into the top grooves
  • Lamp we close out by the Side Covers and screws on position that we pre-drill

Walls and side covers of lamps include the possibility to install cable ends or M8 connector from Phoenix Contact.

The advantage of the connector is the quick replacement of the new lamp for the old one in the event of failure or replacement in a stronger version.

Vision Lamp 8 Easy mountable on Hinge or Bracket by T-slot nut and srew
Vision Lamp 8